Next Session: March 10th 2024

Our First Masterclass of the Year🫶🏾

The Bella B. Natural Sew-In Masterclass

This 7 hour Clinic requires a $250 deposit. The remaining balance is due at the BEGINNING of the event.

The Bella B. Natural Sew-In class was created to give stylists the foundation needed to perfect every extension technique by focusing on the prototype, the leave-out sew-in. This event will take all stylists through the start-to-finish process of a natural sew-in on their own model. With over a decade of experience in natural hair and extensions, Bella has been able to create a sew-in technique that not only creates volume and bouncy extensions, but protects client’s natural hair as well.

During this 7-hour intensive, stylists will add a greater value to their services by perfecting their own leave-out sew-in and understanding how to correctly expand their client base through social media marketing. Additionally, stylists will learn how to create an easier day-to-day schedule which allows the stylist to be their best by disconnecting from the chair.

Masterclass Focus:

--Braid Down
Which pattern works best for your client? How do you determine the best braid down for a thinning hair client vs full hair client? The key to every sew-in is in the braid down and Bell will be showing her favorite pattern and discussing why the technique is universal.

--Leave Out
How much leave out should your client have? What’s their desired look and how does their texture play into that? Bella will show exactly how much or how little leave out she can use with her client.

--Sewing Technique
Are you using the right method when sewing in the hair? Are your extensions staying in place? Bella will display how she sews her hair and walk through to make sure you're able to perform the same sewing practices on your clients.

--Track Placement
Where are you placing the tracks? Are you making sure to place in a way that adds to the style? Bella will be showing how she places all her tracks and going over how her braid patterns help to make this easy.

How do you create drama with your client’s hair? Bella will be covering her layering technique and showing exactly how to create the perfect look with her clients.

What’s your curling technique and how can we improve? Bella will be showing her technique on a live model and walking through how show created her technique so you can create full curls on your extensions.

--Product Knowledge
What’s in your stylist bag? During this we will go over the products needed to create an amazing sew-in.

What’s provided in this course?

Investment: $1,000

• Includes Bella B. Hair Extensions
• Live Model
• Exclusive Product List
• Diagram for track placement
• Kit (needles, thread, net)

***Please bring blow dryer, your preferred hot tools, and curling irons***

10 seats are available for this class. The class will be held in Atlanta, GA in the midtown area, the address and time will be sent out via text after registration is completed. Please text 678.951.5520 to enroll.